My best friend


let me explain the name Georgia… After Rousseaux got done traveling through Australia and Europe he asked me to meet up with him in a little field in Jacksonville. i was really hoping he would ask me to be his girlfriend. he talked for a long time about things he liked about me then he said, “ive traveled the 7 seas to find my home in Georgia, and you’re my Georgia.” So ive been Georgia ever since. Rousseaux. This man. My husband. Truly my very best friend. Most encouraging person in my life. Brings me joy, hope, love, laughter, patience..lots of that. We became good friends in wood shop class when I was a sophomore and he was a junior. He was one of the only people to get my sense of humor. He got it alright and made me laugh so hard. Basically to sum up our relationship we liked each other on and off for 5 years before we actually dated. He kissed me (my first kiss) 3 days before he left for Australia and well I was in love with him after that. While he was gone he sent me a book called Holiness by JC Ryle. It changed almost everything in my life. It challenged my walk with The Lord like never before. My growth and desire to be more like Jesus grew so much that year. I have my dear sweet husband for that. He cared more about my walk than with dating me, which I now really appreciate! He got back from Australia and we had the hardest dating life! I wouldn’t open up and he wouldn’t commit. He wouldn’t commit because I wouldn’t open up and I wouldn’t open up because he wouldn’t commit.. Typical. Once we finally got it we got engaged and got married! Everyone warned us that the first was the hardest. Was there hard times? Yes, but for the most part we’ve been so blessed to be best friends who love each other and love to laugh! Since we’ve been married I’ve decided to only get treatments when I absolutely need them, despite what the drs say. He’s been so encouraging and loving. So eager when I need to go to the hospital to serve and care for me. Im so blessed to have such a loving and super handsome husband. I want to someday have kids with him so badly. Right now the danger of me or my baby bleeding to death is so great that I just can’t. It’s so hard to hear that from so many drs. Learning to trust The Lord in every area of my life is honestly really hard. But, it’s so worth it.


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