January 17th

I just found out I didn’t get into Gerson. They won’t accept me because i’m too sick. The state i’m in is too dangerous for them to treat. According to them and my other Drs. I should be dead. No one walks around with the number of platelets I have and lives. They say it’s a miracle that I’m still alive with the way my body is. That’s why my treatments are so enforced and encouraged. If i’m not having internal bleeding though I’m just not going to get a treatment. They make me so sick. I don’t think I’ve felt this hopeless and helpless before. I’m truly heartbroken that they won’t treat me. I’ve done every medical treatment out there and have even been one of the firsts to try some. I’m really trying to trust the Lord. I know He has a plan. My Uncle text me after I told him the news and said, “you are very capable. So you can’t feel helpless. What’s the next door to open…”. I have to trust that another door will open. He told me to get some sun, that I’m an outdoor flower that needs to grow. It’s so true. My body longs for the sun. It’s so hard on my health to be in this constant fog and darkness. There’s a chance that Rous and I might get to go to Kauai at the end of March. I need it so badly. I’m going to do everything I can to feel good. The woman I talked to at Gerson told me I should start part of the Gerson cleanse at home. That means all organic fruits and vegetables, and a tiny bit of organic mean (which i’m pretty happy I can have meat!). I’m suppose to have 3 juices a day from a very expensive juicer, I guess you get way more nutrients than my $100 one. I think for now i’ll just have to stick to mine. It also involves coffee enemas (sorry if that grosses you out). There is years of build up of toxins and all kinds of things in my body and it really cleanses it and enables the body to take in nutrients better. I don’t know how hard this will be. I live with two very skinny brothers who eat whatever they want, which is always bad. My prayers are for strength during this month trial cleanse (Gerson encouraged a month), finances for all organic, energy..which I haven’t had any in a couple of months now, renewed hope and for my countenance to truly be joyful and thankful for all things I’ve been blessed with. Counting your blessings in the midst of trial really is some of the best medicine.



11 thoughts on “January 17th

  1. seven

    Someone shared your husbands most recent post on my fb and I recognized the last name so I checked it out. I used to go to church with the Brasseur family years ago (my most vivid memory of Rousseaux is him holding up an ant in his fingers and saying, “ant, right? *eats ant* tastes like chicken!!”) and my youngest brother Michael was good friends with Xav for a while. Anyway I wanted to say that even though you aren’t able to do the official program, the at-home Gerson stuff is really good! My father-in-law had skin cancer and did Gerson instead of the traditional chemo and all that and once they cut out the spot he has kept it at bay for over 10 years now. I’ve heard lots of really good things about Gerson from him & I’m morher-in-law so do it and stick with it! Hopefully your body will be able use the easily absorbable nutrients to heal itself.


  2. Megan Swenson

    Hi Hannah!

    I stumbled upon your post and wanted to write you! I semi-recently moved back to Eugene and am back at Ekklesia. Around the time I moved back, I started getting weird health problems and found out that I have a series of genetic illnesses that will be around for the rest of my life. I would love to meet with you and talk to you about your experience, your hope, and how you get through the hard days. E-mail me! I’d love to grab tea or whatever you want to get:)



  3. gshin

    Hannah, “Being confident of this very thing, that HE Who has begun a good work in you will complete it to the day of Christ. ” I know things seem faithless but He remains faithful still! We are praying for you to walk through doors God does open and find healing complete!
    That sounds like the cleanse that drs.had Josh on for his cancer. They have a nice juicer I’m sure they’d let u use. I will tell Amanda to get a hold of u. Keep your eyes on Him. He is our hope! ♡


  4. Jade Terando

    I love this blog!! It’s so cute! And I like staying updated with your life! Love you Hannah rose! Always praying and I know God has an awesome plan for you!!


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