January 28th

Today is my 23rd birthday. Honestly birthdays have been pretty hard for me the last couple years. It’s one more year that I’ve been sick. Every year I just pray that it’s over. The more years that go by and each birthday I have gets harder and harder for me. This year marks the year that I’ve been sick more years than healthy. It’s crazy because I always had that in the back of my mind, that there was more “good” years than bad. This probably sounds pretty sad. Today has just been a hard day on me physically and emotionally. I’m so blessed by such a wonderful, loving husband. It’s just…hard. A girl recently wrote to me telling me how encouraged she was by reading my blogs and it gave me so much hope. To know that what I’ve gone through and am going through can encourage others who are sick gives me a purpose. I’m trying my best to be an example, somedays, like today, are just not the easiest. For my friends and those I don’t even know who are reading this, I pray that you find your hope, not in yourself, not in doctors, not in other people or material things. I truly pray that your hope comes from the Great Physician, Author of life, and the One that is to come.

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