April, 29th


So today I went in for a blood draw and a Drs visit. 335,000 platelets…with no help of medicine! My Dr. didn’t believe it and wanted them to recheck, but they had already double checked from unbelief. I of course started crying with joy and not even able to comprehend that that came out of his lips. So many tears today from joy and thankfulness!
My new symptoms that I’ve been having sadly haven’t gone away. I feel so sad because I would feel so healthy and alive if it weren’t for this new stuff. My e.e.g. (brain test) came back and there is abnormal behavior in the area where I had my brain infection. Risk of another big seizure. They put me on stat order to see a neurologist who hopefully should be able to do new tests and help me out. I can’t even believe these new symptoms. So hard to deal with these past 3 weeks. Hoping the Drs have wisdom to help me, and I hope that is what really is causing these problems. Have peace, have faith, have trust, have confidence in the lord. Working on all of these daily.
My friend Rachel started a fundraiser to page to help us out with bills and future bills of visits and tests I really want done. I’m in shock at the generosity already received. Do I have a hard time receiving this? Yes. I’m so awkward with gifts and love poured out, but my heart feels so loved. To see the people who have already given, gives me, well, an inexpressible feeling. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Here is the link to share and read more♥

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