The past week as been pretty hard down time. My seizures have kinda been out of control, I’ve just had to lay in bed flat and have Rous call and check up on me just to make sure nothings happened. These days are on the scarier side, the days that make me feel kinda helpless and hopeless. But it popped up on my Facebook that a year ago I was feeling this same way. All the encouraging words that poured forth from people on that blog post boosted my spirits in a way I did not think would have been possible today ♥

Yesterday I had a Drs. appointment with a new Neurologist here in Medford. Now if I could sum up my times with male neurologist it would just be a pool full of tears. I don’t know what it is, but wow they have been seriously uncaring and rough. My hematologist here wants me to just have one before I leave for the Mayo Clinic so they’ll be able to communicate with someone here, and if I need other testing here when I get back. So I of course agreed. Did I have anxiety before I met this man? Yes, yes I did. I was telling Tina (my amazing mother in law) about all my times and she was just really hoping for the best. She thankfully took me because I haven’t been able to drive. So when he walked in the room and had Rousseaux’s hair I knew he was going to be different. I start telling him about my health and he just starts cracking up and says there’s nothing he can do about it. Ha which it wasn’t a mocking laugh, it was i’m too messed up. He said he wants to be able to help in anyway possible. Which he of course said I have a very unusual case and need serious testing, thankfully the Mayo will be doing. The whole appointment was full of genuine concern for me and laughing. I was so beyond blown away by it, serious prayers answered! So now I have a man I trust about my brain just right down the road, wow.

I just had to write down a couple of the things i’m just so thankful for right now:

*Tina, who’s been able to take me to so many appointments and just be truly encouraging through it all. Thank you for driving me to all my appointments and errands!!!

*My nurses, who I hadn’t seen in awhile. I went to drop off a Christmas card for them and just their genuine love and concern for me has always blessed me so much. I walked out of the room and down the elevator just crying out of how much those women have blessed me.

*This adorable house that the Lord has blessed us with and the huge backyard. I’m so excited once i’m feeling up to it to just begin working and creating an amazing garden.

* Rousseaux, the best friend I’ll ever have. Who makes me laugh when i’m feeling super jacked up and is always so beyond loving to me. I’m so excited for him to be able to leave for a couple weeks and be with me during Mayo.

*Boylan’s and Brasseurs, love all my family so much♥

*My cutest dog who lays with me all day.

*This awesome church that I get to be apart of and am so blessed when able to go.

*Living down in Southern Oregon, ugh it’s just so pretty

*All the help we’ve had with this new project of a house.

*Mike and Sally Brown, all the wisdom they’ve given us..sheesh

*Always knowing Deb Larson is praying for me, I love that woman so much and can say I’m happy about Eugene because of her.

*The 100s of people I know that are praying for me, who knows where I’d be!

*Having hope in a better tomorrow

*Seriously good meat omelettes. Wow I think that might be my favorite meal.

*All of our dear friends in Eugene, who we talk about daily.

*Essential oils

*Wow, now i’m seriously just craving an omelet.

*Going on adventure photoshoots.

*The Suanders moving to our house. Knowing they’ll be people close, cutest kids, sweetest wife, and ridiculously funny(?) husband.

*All the lives I’ve seen changed for the better because of their new found hope.

*The amazing staff at Hematology/Oncology

*All the hilarious “advice” people give us.

*New friendships

*All the encouraging older women in my life.

I still just need an omelet. ♥