I’m so excited to introduce to you guys the amazing brand Calia! They’re all natural and organic, hair, skin, and essential oils, that are absolutely amazing! They are all made without modern chemicals- using only naturally sourced ingredients that could provide genuine efficacy and benefits to both the skin and hair.
Because of what my body has been through over the years, with sickness and with all of the super harsh medicines I’ve been on, I’ve strived to make sure what I’m putting on my body (which is just as important as what’s going in), is super healthy, organic, and makes me just feel good and healthy on the outside!
Here are my absolute favorite products from them, and we’re doing a GIVEAWAY for all of these products! Just keep reading. ♥



This yummy Body Milk is full of palm oil, coconut oil, pine extract, chamomile, echinichea, olive oil, and so many more amazing ingredients. It leaves your skin so naturally clean and super soft! It doesn’t have a strong smell, so if you’re wanting something more add a little bit of your favorite essential oil to the mixture!


I have some of the driest hair! Probably because I’ve died it a couple times, which yes I might just be taking a sabatacle from that to get my hair strong again. It’s so important to be nourishing damaged hair with good healthy products. This conditioner is for super dry hair! It’s filled with Moroccan Cedarwood oil to really satisfy the thirst in your hair!


The Balancing Shampoo is for dry hair, but also for normal hair as well. It is FILLED with so many amazing healthy organic products to feed and balance your hair. Some include; coconut oil, green tea, rosewood oil, cedar wood oil, and so many more. It’s absolutely amazing. Hair feels and looks so clean and fresh after use!


A lot of people don’t use toner, but it’s something that our skin on our face really needs. It’s so sensitive, and needs to be treated well. This kind is enriched with Rose Geranium combination that firms your skin, and gives you a refreshed, clear complexion.


This Body Wash leaves your skin feeling naturally clean. It doesn’t strip your body of everything like all the chemically filled cleansers do. It’s also gentle enough to clean your face with, which means it’s pretty dang gentle. We need to be treating our skin well, it’s the largest organ on our body! Let’s be gentle and kind to it. You wouldn’t (hopefully) be filling your liver with harsh chemicals?


This Skin Cream is probably my favorite product of theirs. I’m always on the lookout for a good natural face moisturizer and this has won! It’s filled with Sea Buckthorn Oil, which nourishes the skin SO well. I have the driest skin! This leaves my face feeling so smooth and creamy! It has so many amazing ingredients in it including; coconut oil, palm oil, beeswax and olive oil. It’s perfect day and night cream.


Now most of you know that essential oils have taken off! I’m obsessed and constantly have them flowing throughout the house and on my skin! Here we have Ylang Ylang which smells AMAZING! It’s an aid for depression, which yes I have those days (or weeks), it just calms your whole body, helping you relax. Super good for insomnia! I of course got Sleep Easy because I’m one of the worst sleepers there is. I put this on my pillow before bed (or just sit there sniffing it hee hee), and it really does relax your body and mind. It’s filled with so many good oils including lavender and rose! I’ve been using Tea Tree oil for years! Most people don’t know much about it, but I’m obsessed. I don’t use harsh chemical zit creams, I use Tee Tree oil. It’s kinda magic! Whenever I have a zit I put it all over, and it’s gone so quickly! It’s also an immune booster, bug repellant and helps kill bacteria, fungi, and viruses. Seriously it’s the best!


I truly hope you try out there amazing products!
One lucky reader is going to win ALL of these! Go to my Instagram, HERE and follow along on my latest post! Can’t wait to see who wins!
If you want any of these products and SO many more head over to Calia!

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