Round Two of Brain Surgery

I feel like everytime I start to write I have tears in my eyes. Such a strange season of life that I feel is so unreal, and my mind does not know how to grasp it.

I’m currently laying on the couch shaking from how weirdly sick I feel, which isn’t a strange thing in case your’e wondering. No clue if it’s from seizure activity or just my body being the weird self it is. Possibly just all the anxiety, fear and confusion I feel kicking in. I didn’t sleep much last night. I kept waking up all night with my mind racing about the upcoming surgery. It’s just so unreal that this is happening. I want to say how strong my faith is and how encouraged I am, how joyful I feel about it, and how I know it’s all for a good purpose. Sadly that’s not where my mind’s been going.

Before you feel the need to write to me “encouraging” me, just wait. I haven’t really been opening up about everything because I can’t keep hearing people try and fix, help, make me laugh, change my view on everything. Unless you’ve been through a journey of sickness like this just please don’t. I can’t tell you how much it wears me down. I know so much people mean good, but it is the hardest thing to just smile and go, “yep, thanks”.

I’ve vented with others who are very sick about this and we feel the same. Don’t compare your blood draw to this upcoming surgery. It just hurts us. Don’t say you get it because you were really sick for a month in the 4th grade, which of course I’m sad you were, but you’re better (praise the Lord!). This is a daily struggle for SO many people. It’s been almost 14 years of seriously hard health issues. I’m at the point of not being able to smile when someone makes a joke about severe bleeding, seizures, brain surgery, memory loss, me not being able to sit up long because I’ll pass out. It’s just not funny, and it’s not a light topic. It’s a very real and very hard battle I’m going through right now.

I know so much that people do not mean to cause any kind of hurt in me, that’s why I thought I’d open up about it. For me and other people you know who are sick. When people just give me a hug and say they’re so sorry for me, they love me, that means so so much to me. I feel genuinely loved. My dear friend Sloane recently dropped off a bag of delicious food and magazines to help me and I cried. That action meant so much more to me then a, “It could be so much worse.”. The cutest Jessica (who just had a baby!) brings me a meal, and she didn’t even know how I was feeling, made me cry. She just wanted to help. And it helps so much! I feel so loved and cared for! As I write this I know there’s other things people have done but my memory is so far gone right now.

Thank you so much to all my friends who have loved and cared for me! This next season of life is going to be a hard one. December 8th is my brain surgery. They’ll cut open 4 inches of my skull and go in to remove the last remaining part of my scar. I cry as I start typing this. My sweet Dr. said this recovery is going to be hard, this is going to be a lot longer than the last surgery. I can’t even imagine that being true. I was in so much pain, so out of it, severely depressed, couldn’t think right for MONTHS after the last one. Will this one really be harder? I pray it won’t.

Next month I was suppose to be having our baby around this time. Instead I’ll be having my skull cut open. How am I suppose to understand that? I guess that’s when having a God that I really believe in is tested strongly. There has to be a purpose for all these things in my life, there has to be. If not, what even is this life.

We’ve been so blessed with money for this trip and surgery, an amazing place to stay, my parents being able to come. I truly am so thankful for so much. If you’re reading this please pray for the heavy weight I feel. I’ve been blessed so much, but all that is in my mind since the date has been set is this intense surgery. I’ll be out with friends acting as though everything’s normal, I never want to bring up my issues, but dang, I’m about to go through a crazy life event that most people have no clue what it’ll even look/feel like.

Take every thought captive, I know I know. But, it is extremely hard. Everyday is different for me. I’m unable to drive so I’m stuck home most days alone, and wow it is tough. You’re unable to drive till 3 months after having a grand mal. I didn’t think it would be this hard, but it makes me feel even more trapped.

I think about all the hair that will be shaved off, the intense amount of pain I’ll feel, the loneliness I’m scared of feeling (like last surgery), the short term memory that will be damaged more…so on and so on. It’s just a lot. Wow, this is the most depressing one I’ve written yet!

Ha the funny thing is I’m not even depressed,  I’m just overwhelmed!

Getting IVIG on the 4th to make sure I have platelets before surgery! 1st long treatment in over a year. I’m just happy I’ll get to see my sweet sweet nurses.  Please pray for the medicine to work and that I’ll have an abundant of platelets before and after surgery  so I’m not at risk of severe bleeding.

I do hope this all made sense and didn’t sound harsh. I just thought I’d really open up about how hard this has been in every area. So much love to all you who have been seriously supporting me! Thank you for the love I’ve felt by so many.

I may do one more post before surgery, but if not I’ll be back in quite a few months. Thankful to be seizure free, hopefully remembering who you are (half joke hee hee).

This Christmas I’ll be very very weak and out of it so Rousseaux and I are going to get a tree early and celebrate here at home. If you have any other fun ideas to make this special please let me know! I do feel partly guilty for making this a “sad” Christmas (and for way more things) so I wanted to do something special here at home with Rous!

Here is the page to donate ♥

I did also want to leave this song. I’ve been listening to this everyday. A dear friend over in Australia sent it to me awhile back and it has just been stuck in my heart. Thank you sweet Kieran! A super powerful song!





24 thoughts on “Round Two of Brain Surgery

  1. Liz

    I barely know you but have been so touched by you! Thank you for your honesty… I know it’s hard to know what pieces of your heart are for sharing with total strangers (and even the closest friends). I’ve read a couple of your posts to a patient I still visit and he’s always so relieved to hear that some of his burdens can understood across the way. We’re praying for you and as always are grateful for you ❤️

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  2. Levi Tompkins

    Hannah you are so loved and have such an impact on so many lives, including mine. Thank you for how open and honest you are, even when it might make other people uncomfortable. I so so wish I could understand how you feel. But I can’t. So for now just keep asking and sharing. If there is a need and I can fulfill it, I WILL do it. All you need is ask:) Words fail me and I feel so silly right now, but typing this brings tears to my eyes. My thoughts and many many prayers are going out for you an Rousauex 2. I only wish I could do more. Love you guys a lllloooooootttttt!!


  3. kirmosadventures

    Thank you Hannah!!
    You’ll have no idea who I am but I’m from St Alfred’s Melbourne and met Rousseaux through church.

    I’m so sorry to hear! Also just wanted to thank you for you honesty and openness through such a hard time. I’ve been reading your blogs and they have given me such helpful insight, especially how words can hurt or heal. I am a nurse in Australia (I care for people with new spinal injuries) and often have conversations like these with patients. Mourning is soo needed! It’s really hard, and you need permission to say everything isn’t just roses and sunshine at the moment. So thank you for the reminder!

    Praying for you for strength and endurance. Also praying for your hospital stay for the surgeons, doctors, nurses and allied health as they support and help you through this journey.

    God bless sister!

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    1. Hannah Rose

      Oh my goodness! Wow! Thank you so much for saying something! Especially coming from a nurse that means a lot! Wish I could’ve met you on our last visit. We love and miss Melbourne so so much. Someday we may just live there ❤️ thank you for being so sweet!!


  4. Anonymous

    Hannah!! Much love from North Carolina to you & Rouseaux! Wish we were in Oregon to send the Fowler kids over to sing & dance for you… maybe another video. We’re SO sad & heavy hearted for you, we are going to be praying for you on 12/8/17 a day of prayer & fasting. Much love,
    The FOWL Fam

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  5. Jenni Sprunger

    Thank you for being open, Hannah. It is good to be reminded that there is a time for laughter but there is also a time to mourn. Even though we know that God is good and that he will be victorious, sometimes we’re just not there yet because we are still walking through the grief.

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  6. Kelly Larson

    Not harsh at all, Hannah. I think sometimes people don’t know how to talk with someone about real and dark pain, both physically and emotionally. Good that you are helping to educate and and advocating for yourself. Know that there are loads and loads of us that hunk of you, and your family, all the time. 💜🧡

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  7. Jaz

    Ahh Hannah. I can’t even begin to imagine what your life has been like or how you feel. Every time I read one of yours posts though, it changes me on the inside, permanently. Your wisdom through this is beyond me. I’m so sorry you have to go through this, again. But you are one of the strongest and most beautiful women I know and you always will be to me. I am in awe of how God shines his light through you. I love you. I will be praying for you and those who love you.

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  8. mommaleche

    It breaks my heart reading your story. I know your mom so I see this through her FB feed.
    I just can’t imagine. I will pray for your doctors and nurses, for your family and friends and of course for you and your husband.

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  9. Michelle K

    Hannah I went to Griffin Creek Elementary school I was there class of 2010. Ever since I met you when I was younger I always thought you had this beautiful and unique glow. Everywhere you went your amazing smile and positive attitude would light up the room. You are strong. You are smart. You inspire me.
    I’m only 18 now. I can remember raising $ for you then and I would hands down no questions asked do it again.

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  10. Mary Kell

    There are no words pretty girl except awe and wonder at how you are navigating this. I want a faith like yours Hannah Rose🌹 Grateful to b along with you on this journey and to see God’s hand on ALL of this🙏🏻

    Mary aka Lady Mary of GoodBeania😌 Sent from my iPhone


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